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Understanding How an Accident Management Company Operates

Jun 20, 2024News

accident management NI

When involved in a car accident, most people instinctively think to contact their insurance company right away. However, this isn’t the only option available. Accident management NI companies, such as Shield Accident Management, can handle the entire process for you, offering numerous benefits and potentially saving you significant costs.

In this guide, we’ll explore how accident management companies operate and how they can assist you after a road accident. Let’s get into it.

Understanding Accident Management NI Services

Accident management companies provide comprehensive support after a road accident by managing the entire process on your behalf. From assessing the accident and liaising with your insurance company to arranging for vehicle repairs and providing a replacement vehicle, their goal is to minimise your stress and inconvenience. Typically, these services come with no upfront fees, as costs are recovered from the at-fault party’s insurer. This approach ensures efficient and comprehensive support, providing peace of mind and a hassle-free path to getting back on the road.

Reporting the Accident

As soon as an accident occurs, it’s crucial to contact an accident management company before reaching out to your insurer. At Shield Accident Management, our dedicated claims professionals are available to assist you within minutes. Our helpline operates 24/7 for your convenience. 

When you get in touch, our team will gather all necessary information about the incident. Whether you are at fault or not, our service is tailored to your specific circumstances, ensuring you receive the support you need.

Processing Your Claim

Once you’ve reported the accident, Shield Accident Management NI takes over. Our handlers will ask detailed questions about the incident to collect all relevant information for your claim. We manage everything from this point, allowing you to focus on your recovery without the added stress of handling the claim yourself.

Accident Management Vehicle Support

One of the significant benefits of using Shield is our prompt provision of a like-for-like replacement vehicle. Moreover, if you are not at fault for the accident, we ensure you have a suitable replacement vehicle on the same day, allowing you to continue with your daily activities without disruption.

Additionally, if your vehicle is undrivable after the accident, we will arrange for its recovery. Our aim is to make the process as seamless as possible for you. Our fleet is designed to accommodate a wide range of needs, from luxury cars and 4×4 models to various commercial vehicles. We offer vans, PSV taxis, C-class taxis, agricultural vehicles, HGVs, learner vehicles, motability vehicles, and motorbikes. For families, we also provide car seats suitable for children aged 0-12 years.

Expert Vehicle Repairs

With Shield Accident Management, you can rest assured that your vehicle will be in expert hands. Our extensive network of approved garages and repair specialists across Northern Ireland ensures that your vehicle is repaired to the highest standards. We prioritise minimising the disruption to your daily life by arranging for repairs at a location convenient for you.

If you prefer to use your own repairer, we can facilitate that as well. Our goal is to ensure your car is restored to top-notch condition and returned to you as quickly as possible, so you can get back on the road with confidence.

Hassle-Free Claim Payouts

When you use Shield Accident Management NI, the at-fault party’s insurance company covers the cost of the claim. Therefore, you won’t incur any charges for our services. Moreover, our transparent process keeps you informed throughout the entire claims journey, providing peace of mind and clarity.

Furthermore, we work diligently to ensure that all costs, including vehicle repairs and replacement vehicles, are directed to the third-party insurer. This preserves your no-claims bonus and prevents your insurance premiums from increasing.

Why Choose Shield Accident Management NI?

In 2023, the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) recorded a total of 5,058 collisions, highlighting the prevalence of road accidents in the region. Navigating the aftermath of a collision can be overwhelming and stressful. Instead of facing this challenging situation on your own, let Shield Accident Management step in to provide expert assistance and support. Our experienced team will handle every aspect of the process, ensuring a smooth and stress-free recovery for you.

After a road traffic accident, ensuring everyone’s safety and contacting emergency services if needed should be your first priority. Once that’s taken care of, contacting Shield Accident Management is your next step. As Northern Ireland’s fastest-growing accident management company, we handle your claim from start to finish.

Choosing Shield Accident Management NI offers several key benefits:

  • Avoid Paying Your Insurance Excess: We recover all costs from the at-fault party’s insurer, so you won’t need to pay your excess.
  • Protect Your No Claims Bonus: Our process ensures that your no-claims bonus remains intact, saving you money on future insurance premiums.
  • Approved Repairers Using First-Hand Parts: We only use approved repairers who use high-quality, original parts to ensure your vehicle is repaired to the highest standard.

Partnering with Shield Accident Management NI means choosing a seamless, stress-free experience during what can be a very challenging time. Our dedicated team is here to guide you through every step of the process, ensuring that you receive the highest level of service and support.

Expert Handling of Claims and Repairs

From the moment you contact Shield, our experienced claims handlers take the reins. We understand that every accident and claim is unique, so we tailor our services to meet your specific needs. We believe in keeping our clients informed. Throughout the claims process, you’ll receive regular updates on the status of your vehicle repairs, replacement vehicle arrangements, and claim progress. This transparency helps reduce uncertainty and provides you with peace of mind.

Our network of approved garages and repair specialists repairs your vehicle to the highest standards. We oversee the entire repair process, from initial assessment to final quality checks, and ensure that you receive your vehicle in top condition.

By choosing Shield Accident Management NI, you are selecting a trusted partner dedicated to making your recovery process as smooth and stress-free as possible. Our professional and compassionate approach sets us apart, ensuring you receive the best care and service during a difficult time.